#20 : Satirical paintings & portraits galleries are opened !

june 8th 2017

Big announcement ! After weeks of work, I'm more than happy to open two new galleries : one showing my satirical paintings & drawings about politics and society, and the other one presenting my portraits of well-know figures of the entertainment industry (mostly). I really hope you'll enjoy them !

Maybe some of you might ask : "Hey Pierre, why that big shift ?" Well, I've been drawing in the fantasy genre for more than a decade, and I'm in the need of some fresh air. I'm an avid reader of political and society related subjects, so I finaly realised I'd love to express some ideas and experiment a new style linked to what interests me the most today.

However I still like creating fantastic art, and will continue to do so with pleasure, so stay tuned ;)


#19 : IDW Revolutionaries variant cover revealed !

May 10th 2017

Hey all,

I painted a variant cover for IDW's crossover Revolutionaries issue #5, to be released in june 2017. Before you get the book, you can take a look at the art I did for the serie here (the purple one with Sgt Savage) and there for a better res.

Cheers !


#16 : New pictures in the Fantasy SF gallery

November 1st 2016,


Long time no see, sorry it's a very busy year, but unfortunately almost entirely under NDA ... Anyway I just added 4 new pictures in the Fantasy-SF gallery.

Stay tuned, more to come ...


#17 : Thya, La voie des Oracles, is out !

January 3rd 2017


Happy new year all !

Last year I did the covers of a french fantasy saga called "Thya, la voie des Oracles" by C. Faye, published by FolioSF. The first book is out, just follow the link !


#15 : Inktober !

September 30th 2016,

I'm doing Inktober this year : you can follow me on my twitter account !